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If the Hero raises, the many hands he defeats will fold, but if he calls, he forces his opponent to remain in the pot with the many lower hands, allowing him to make costly mistakes on turns and rivers. Most importantly, when a Hero happens to have the worst card, the summoning will usually cost him less because the pot will be smaller.
Opponents raised the all-in back for a total of $ 485.

At this point, it should be clear that Hero is in poor shape. I would be surprised if the opponent didn’t show either KK, 8-8, 5-5, AA, or AK basically every time. When a generally straightforward player is clearly trying to get their stack on the flop, you can be sure they have a premium hand dewapoker.

The hero decides to call (which is a big mistake) and loses to his opponent 8-8 in the middle set.

After this hand, the Hero is annoyed that he becomes “unlucky” because his opponent drops three of a kind. In reality, the Hero should only call the flop and turn, and the odds are folded to the third bet on the river from a tight and passive opponent.

While the Hero would definitely lose some money in this situation, he was losing more than necessary. If Hero calls the flop bet $ 30 and the turn bet $ 75, he will lose over $ 105. While being played, he ended up losing his entire $ 485 stack.

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