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Some of the holdings we might choose to play are worth more at a higher EV than their equity suggests, while others are worth much less. Hands with a higher EV than their equity will suggest those with an implied chance and a good chance of reaching a profitable fight (i.e. realizing their equity). With this possession we’re mostly hoping to get our opponents on more times than they scoop us up.

Since equity doesn’t tell the whole story and EVs are so hard to calculate, are there other measures available to help gauge how strong (or weak) our holdings are in the various situations we may encounter? The answer is yes. We can also see how often we will scoop our opponents versus how often they will scoop us up, and pay attention to the size of the profit or loss visit poker88. The number of times one hand jumps over the other assuming both players reach the fight is also available using the free equity simulator.

For example, suppose (9 Heart SuitsK Diamond Suits) K Spades Suits finish from the starting position and we choose to call with (2 Heart Suits 6 Spades Suits) 7 Club Suits because we are playing in a high ante game and feel that the price we are getting is too good to be folded even though it’s quite possible we fight the king. In this fight, even though we have a very reasonable 41 percent “hot / cold” equity, there’s a lot more to consider than that.

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